Eco Twin is growing! New to the team are…

The team is growing and becoming bigger, smarter and bolder. It’s great to see how much passion, expertise and commitment everyone brings to Eco Twin, filling it with life and ideas.

Oliver Weiss has been there since the first steps and supports the development by strategically expanding the platform.

In summer 2021, Magdalena Buchwald joined as Digital Efficiency Manager, checking the ideas for feasibility and optimising them.

Elisabeth Brembs revised the first draft of the website, redesigned many things and is now expanding the individual sections of the site.

Stephanie Beckmann is on board as an editor, especially for lifestyle topics, and is a sparring partner for Susanne’s texts.

Laura Ney is familiar with Instagram, knows how Eco Twin can find friends there, and makes sure the presentation has the right look.


Happy super team!