The shop is a guide to Eco Twins, to products that are climate-friendly, fair and ecological alternatives to products from the throwaway society. The idea behind it is to buy less, but better. The shop is still under construction and in beta version. We currently link to shops that we like. Whose products we know and who meet the requirements of Eco Twins. They are fairly produced, conscious in the use of resources, biodegradable or recyclable. Where possible, we indicate the product’s carbon footprint.

The range in the shop is curated and therefore subjective. We focus on the small, lesser-known brands and manufactures and are pleased that big brands with the same approach can be found in more and more stores. In the long term, there should be a Second Life in the shop for valuable lifestyle products that are looking for a new home. And the No-Eco-Twin is also in the planning stage. These are the products that don’t yet have an ecological alternative but need one. Hints are welcome.