About Us

Everything is connected.

Economy, digitality, environment, consumption and society belong together. This awareness in the minds of many people is new. It is leading to a change in values in all areas of society. Everyone is affected by this change and plays a part in it. Ecological decisions now play a role in politics, business, industry, culture, the development of cities and spaces, in travel and purchasing decisions. Responsibility for dealing with environment and nature is becoming the new zeitgeist.

The decades of the throwaway society are coming to an end. People are reorienting when it comes to shopping: reduce, reuse, recycle. These are the criteria for consumer decisions at the beginning of the 21st century. And these are good requirements for the circular economy.

The market is reacting and reshaping itself: Until now, companies stood for profit orientation. And non-profit NGOs are committed to environmental protection and climate protection. This is now changing. In more and more established companies, the circular economy with its symbiosis of economic and sustainable thinking and acting is entering the top levels. This is giving rise to transformation processes. Environmental sustainability in supply chains, production and value creation processes are becoming part of corporate strategies. Also, because new political framework conditions demand these changes from companies. And also, because more and more consumer decisions are being made in favour of brands and manufactures that include ethical and resource-saving standards. Those who change their business model to a circular economy gain a competitive advantage.

New brands and companies enter the markets with their innovations. They do not have to transform anything. They produce sustainable, ethically and according to circular economy criteria from the outset. Often this attitude is paired with a concrete solution that remedies a deficiency or imbalance.

What both types of companies have in common is a new thinking in designing, producing, using and disposing of consumer products. They change the values in the value chains. This is what matters now.

And this is where Eco Twin comes in.

The future is now.

Eco Twin is a platform with a magazine, shop and services around solutions for a sustainable circular economy.

Entrepreneurship, inventiveness, new technologies, knowledge and experience are driving the ecological transformation of the economy, lifestyle and cities. We bundle the knowledge about this.

In the magazine, we tell the stories of change, innovation and we talk to the “hidden stars”, those who are already blazing these trails and driving the solutions of the future. We are connecting the dots and bring together the loose ends of economy, digitality, environment, consumption and society and explain linkages. The focus is on economy, energy, tech, urban and lifestyle. We want to awaken and inspire the pioneering spirit; we want to whet people’s appetites for the new that is coming, bring together old ideas, new approaches and offers from the circular economy.

The shop is a guide to products that replace products from the throwaway society as a fair and ecological alternative. Buy less, but better is the idea behind it. We link to those shops whose products we know and like. They are fairly produced, mindful in their use of resources, degradable or recyclable. The range of products in the shop is curated and therefore subjective. We focus on the small, lesser-known brands and are happy that big brands with the same attitude can be found more and more in supermarkets and drugstores. All together – we think this is how it should be. In the medium term, there will be a Second Life in the shop. And the No-Eco-Twin is also being planned. These are the products that don’t have an ecological alternative yet but need one. Suggestions are welcome.

Services: We believe we can develop, plan and build a desirable future and support those who want to do so. We are happy to share our knowledge – talk to us anytime.

Is there a vision?

Yes. The best thing would be if Eco Twin no longer existed in 12 years. Then fair, ethical, ecological standards will have been established. We are making a book and documenting the transformation stories from the magazine and the website here will be a look back at a time gone by.


Susanne Weller, Founder of Eco Twin

Susanne works as a branding expert, strategic communications consultant with an affiliated PR agency and interim marketing and communications manager for companies mostly from the digital economy.

The motto “language shapes awareness” has accompanied Susanne for more than 20 years. For her, almost everything revolves around the potential of language in innovations, future-proof, disruptions and the realignment of processes and attitudes. How we deal with images, words and concepts is important for our beliefs and causes – or prevents – changes.

Susanne had the idea for Eco Twin a few years ago when she started to align her consumption with the principles of the circular economy. With the platform, she is now pursuing her passion to find Eco Twins for all areas that people shape.

Oliver Weiss, Chief Technical Officer

Oliver has 22 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. For 15 years he led global product, strategy and go-to-market initiatives. He lived in Singapore where he decided to align his digital expertise with a focus on sustainability. Susanne and Oliver have worked together in different constellations for more than ten years. At Eco Twin, Oliver is optimising digital processes and looks for the best opportunity for data minimalism.

Magdalena Buchwald, Digital Efficiency Manager

Magdalena is an expert in digital marketing. She specializes in analyzing and testing digital processes in companies and then making them more efficient and successful. At Eco Twin, she brings her passion for impact startups and her mix of experience in journalism, nonprofit and B2B marketing. After many years in San Diego, Magdalena moved back to Europe in the summer of 2021 and now supports Eco Twin from her home office in Norway primarily in the areas of digital infrastructure, e-commerce and website.

Stephanie Beckmann, Editor

Stephanie Beckmann studied journalism and has worked for pop culture magazines, lifestyle titles at Axel Springer Verlag and Der Spiegel, among others. Her focus is now on sustainable content creation with value – for formats such as National Geographic and in corporate publishing for various brands. Stephanie has known Eco Twin since its development – and she is an absolute dream editor for Susanne.

Elisabeth Brembs

elisabeth brembs, design and web development

An American graphic designer and web developer. Born in Germany and raised in the USA, she now lives and works happily in Berlin. She enjoys creating user-centric, delightful, and human experiences. Having 15+ years of working experience for top design companies in the industry, she holds a degree in Media Design.

laura ney, instagram

Laura graduated as a media designer for image and sound in 2020 – the IHK awarded her the title of Berlin’s best. Since then, she has been gaining experience in the social media sector and works in this area for various companies. Her passion is to bring content, design and technology under one hat. She loves to live out her passion at the camera, in image editing and on Photoshop. At Eco Twin, Laura develops concepts and strategies for Instagram.