CHARLE – sustainable kids fashion

CHARLE – sustainable kids fashion” is a Berlin fashion label for children’s fashion. What makes it special is its high standards of design and quality. The collections for boys and girls from 0 to 12 years can be worn and combined all year round. Children want to play and that’s why the fabrics are robust
and stand up well to slipping and climbing. CHARLE Berlin focuses on short distances and produces in the manufactory in Berlin and in Saxony.
CHARLE Berlin only uses ecological and recyclable fabrics and materials. This also applies to the rubber bands. They are made of natural rubber and are produced by CHARLE – premium haberdashery. Mandy Geddert, the founder of CHARLE Berlin, is a pioneer in sustainable rubber bands. In an interview with Eco Twin, she describes why natural rubber is so important in fashion.

Where can I get the collection of CHARLE Berlin?

Directly in the online shop. Those who want to can also make an appointment in the shop on site in Berlin.

“CHARLE – sustainable kids fashion” is a Berlin-based manufacturer of ecological baby and children’s clothing. Recyclable rubber bands made of natural rubber are used in the children’s fashion.

What is CHARLE Berlin the Eco Twin for?

There are still few fashion labels that produce beautiful clothes with fair and ecological standards. Especially not in children’s fashion. Green fashion is becoming more and more popular, but it is still a niche topic. CHARLE Berlin is different. Founder Mandy Geddert has such high standards for her
children’s fashion label that she almost failed. There were simply no ecological rubber bands when she founded CHARLE Berlin. And thus, strictly speaking, the fashion is not biodegradable, even if the fabrics are organic. Mandy Geddert changed that and took the production of sustainable rubber bands into her own hands. We find that impressive. Turning a vision that seems unrealisable into reality through persistence, tenacity, courage and entrepreneurial spirit. Mandy Geddert has managed to do just that. That’s why her label CHARLE Berlin is an Eco Twin for children’s fashion that is otherwise made with unhealthy fabrics.