What is the product?

Seed confetti is confetti that contains seeds, i.e. plant seeds. When it falls to the ground, flowers grow. With seed confetti, the founding team wants to support biodiversity and do something against insect mortality.

What is it the Eco Twin for?

Unlike conventional confetti, seed confetti is made of starch instead of paper or plastic. It decomposes and is compostable.

Who invented it?

Philip Weyer und Hannah Hartmann.

Where can you get Saatgutkonfetti?

There are many different variations and bags directly on the website.

From the team, founder Susanne discovered the seed confetti: “For me, there is a great message in these little colourful confetti snippets: Celebrate, enjoy, throw lots of colourful confetti and let it trickle away without much thought, out of joy and the situation – and it is precisely this behaviour that makes the environment, the earth and the bees happy. That is in harmony with nature. Afterwards, plants blossom. It is longer than the moment. When we return to the place later, perhaps the party plants will grow there. Fascinating, beautiful and poetic. A great wonderful idea and I am happy that seed confetti is the first product in our shop.”

That is only the beginning of a great story. Read more about the idea in the interview with founder Philip Weyer Seed confetti: Confetti for environmental protection, colourful flowers and happy bees