Seed confetti cooperates with Bracenet

The sea is full of ghost nets. These are nets that have been lost in fisheries for various reasons and have been floating in our oceans ever since. They are plastic waste. And they continue to catch all kinds of marine animals – only no one ever collects the nets any more. The animals die in their habitat. The Hamburg-based company Bracenet is taking action against this. Together with partners, they take the ghost nets out of the oceans – and process them into bracelets (Bracenets), dog leashes, key rings, rings and mask chains.

Now Bracenet is cooperating with Seed Confetti, our first product in the Eco Twin Shop. For this cooperation, Seed Confetti has designed an Ocean edition with aquatic forms such as whale, fish, starfish in blue, green and yellow coloured compostable confetti. Fittingly, the bracelet by Bracenet comes in the same colours from the Ionian Sea / Mediterranean Sea.

A great cooperation!

Have a look at the Ocean Edition in the Bracenet shop

Find Seed Confetti in the Eco Twin shop

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